I was born in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, but I have lived overseas for most of my life. Just recently, I moved back to my hometown of Boston after living in China for nearly 14 years. At school, I am part of several clubs that reflect my passion for business and law: Model United Nations, American Discourse, and the student newspaper. I am also part of two sports teams: Crosscountry and Rowing in the Fall and Spring, respectively. Other interests of mine include chess and cardistry (the performance of art using cards). I founded Maskot, Inc. with Jingbang and Shamitha because we felt that it was our responsibility to contribute to the COVID-19 relief efforts in whichever way we could. We hope that by making facemasks more accessible to our communities, we can make a difference in our world. 

David Yao

Director of Maskot, Inc.


I spent most of my childhood in Shanghai, China, before immigrating to the US five years ago. I currently attend a boarding school in New Hampshire, though I live in Sudbury, Mass. My longtime interests are physics and engineering, though in recent years I have explored acting, literature, student government, and find myself at the intersection between STEM and the humanities. Beyond academics, I also relish in engaging with my school’s close-knit community. I have been leading robotics teams, acting in school musical productions, and organizing fundraisers for charity through school clubs, to name a few. I joined the Maskot endeavor to continue my passion for community service and gain insight into the leadership and business skills necessary to make a real difference. I feel that this is a meaningful way to spend my time in quarantine.

Jingbang Zhu

Director of Maskot, Inc.


I was born in a small town in India 15 years ago. After moving a few times, I’ve settled with my family in Louisville, Kentucky, where I attend North Oldham High School. I run Cross Country, and I love to hike, write, cook, and see my friends. Along with participating in various speaking, leadership, business, and advocacy engagements both in and out of school, I spend a lot of time considering how to improve the Earth and those on it through education and activism. I am the chapter lead of the Louisville area Youth Climate Strike initiative, and the president of the Animal Rights Club at school. And, of course, what high schooler’s schedule would be complete without service? I have volunteered for the past several years with a local elementary school, teaching students academic subjects and the occasional life lesson. Beyond all this, I have launched an international nonprofit organization aimed at improving mental health in teenagers of all backgrounds. 

I am so grateful to have connected with the other incredible members of Maskot’s team, and to have the opportunity to aid others in a troubling time like this. We can truly produce goodness.

Shamitha Kuppala

Director of Maskot, Inc.

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